Road Motorcycle Tours

We will take anybody who has over 1.5 years consistent riding experience or over 2 years staggered riding. We can be slightly more flexible for some of our 1 Day tours but please contact us so we can advise before booking.


Off Road Motorcycle Tours

Driving ability is important to understand as routes range dramatically in difficulty. We want you to feel pushed and have a fantastic trip so keen to unserstand your skill level to take you on routes to suit your skill and interests. The more we know the more fun we can make your experience.


Level 1 - Newbie 

  • Driven scooter for sustained periods of time
  • Never Driven a manual
  • Can accelerate and stop safely.
  • Not ridden anything over 200cc consistently

We Don’t offer tours to this level but do offer training when we are not on tour. After all everybody has to start somewhere. Call us to discuss your requirements, it's a beautiful place to learn

Level 2 - Beginner

  • Comfortable using front brake in slowing.
  • Able to ride above 40 KMH off-road when safe.
  • Stalling from bad clutch use is rarely an issue.
  • Haven’t covered many steep ascents or descents
  • Over a years consistent road experience but not ridden any or very little dirt


Level 3 - Novice

Comfortable in all conditions described above and: 

  • Comfortable using both brakes in stopping and able to control skids.
  • Comfortable sliding rear wheel and able to produce and control slides.
  • Not intimidated by different soil conditions (sand, mud, rocks).
  • Not intimidated by gradual uphills and downhills
  • Comfortable riding in rough conditions without bottoming the suspension unexpectedly.
  • Comfortable standing for short periods while riding
  • Comfortable on single-track.

Level 4 Intermediate

Comfortable in all conditions described above and:

  • Comfortable on tight twisting single track
  • Can do full steering lock turns and figure-eights.
  • Comfortable sliding both front and rear wheels and able to produce and control the slides.
  • Has experience in a variety of riding conditions like deep sand or wet mud
  • Not intimidated by steep uphills and downhills
  • Can stand while riding for sustained periods of time
  • Can predict braking distance and rarely pass braking points.
  • High level of understanding safe speed versus the conditions.
  • Not intimidating by rocky technical sections or largely rutted areas.
  • Can maintain a relatively narrow line
  • Can ride for sustained periods of time.

Level 5 - Advanced

Comfortable in all conditions described above and:

  • Able to loft the front wheel and pivot turn the motorcycle.
  • Able to ride up and down ledges that require wheel lofting.
  • Seen as an off-road king (or queen) by his (or her) friends!

If you are not sure where you fit then please feel free to get in contact and we will guide you accordingly.