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Welcome to Let’s Ride Enduro, the ultimate destination for off-road dirt bike tours. Offering an exhilarating and authentic experience in the rugged terrain of northern Thailand! We, based in Chiang Mai, are dedicated to providing dirt bike enthusiasts with a heart-pumping adventure through some of the best enduro trails in the region.

Our enduro tours are designed for riders who love to explore the less travelled path and tackle challenging terrain while experiencing the rush of adrenaline that comes with off-road riding. You’ll ride on winding trails that snake through lush jungles, climb steep hills, and descend rocky valleys, all while discovering charming local villages, ancient temples, and bustling markets that are full of history and culture.

Our experienced guides are not only passionate about enduro riding but also have an in-depth knowledge of the terrain and the best trails to take for an unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, we have tours that cater to your skill level and interests. We provide quality enduro motorcycles and safety equipment to ensure that you have a fun and safe experience on the trails.

At Let’s Ride, we believe that safety is paramount. Our guides are trained in first aid and carry a comprehensive kit to deal with any situation that may arise during your tour.

So, if you’re looking for an adventure that combines the thrill of off-road (enduro) motorbike riding with the beauty and culture of northern Thailand, Let’s Ride is the company for you. Book your tour today and get ready to experience the ultimate enduro adventure!

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    1 Day Enduro Tour

    Limited for time, need an off road hit, or want to try off-roading for a day? Then look no further. We have an incredible amount of rides which can be covered in a Day that you wouldn’t find on your own. They can be customized to suit anyone including people who only have road riding experience. We have routes from beautiful flowy tracks to enduro style routes that will push your limits. Tell us your riding ability and leave the rest to us. You are guaranteed one hell of a day!

  • 2 Day Enduro Tour

    A real escape from the city! A ride that can be done by most riders with a couple of technical sections that can be added to keep the more experienced riders on their toes. Ride this spectacularly flowing trail along the mountain passes overlooking Chiang Dao National Park, where you will get to stay for the night.

    Elephants, Oxcarts, and epic montain views…. a trip that you will never forget.

  • 3 Day Enduro Tour

    This is one of our most popular tours for novice to intermediate riders. A route loved by customers from an array of different countries and experiences. We have designed it to give you the best 3 days of action packed and varied riding you can imagine. There are twisting technical wooded sections and fast blasting open trails. A route that you won’t get bored of and will want to come back to do again and again. If you love to ride and are interested in coming to Chiang Mai, then this is the ride to aim for, northern Thailands best!


  • 4 Day Enduro Tour

    This is our most popular tour for intermediate and above riders. The 3 day enduro tour with and additional epic loop up to the Myanmar (Burmese) border. This trip is designed it to give you the best 4 days of action packed and varied riding you can imagine. With an array of technical sections and fast flowing trails to blast along, this is an epic experience designed to give you the best ridei if you are of intermediate level and above.

    Novice riders are also very welcome to do this trip during certain periods, please enquire for more information.

  • 5 Day Enduro Tour

    One of our favorite alternative routes! Consists of so much variation and riding. This route covers the lower half of the famous Mae Hong Son Loop and will have you riding on a great variety of terrain. You will be climbing mountains, crossing rivers…. over 50 times, riding next to huge mountain sceneries and exploring local untouched hill tribes.

    If you have the time, we highly recommend this tour. Riders need to be an intermediate level or above as there is a lot of ground to cover and some sections cannot be cut out. If you are not sure, then feel free to get in contact so we can understand your skill level and advise.

  • 10 Day Enduro ADVENTURE

    This is for those who like to get dirty!!! This is our custom tour of the Mae Hong Son Loop in as much dirt as you can possibly imagine. You will go to the highlights that the road riders do while playing in the mud, or sand and seeing some of the most remote villages and farming communities only accessible by dirt bike or 4wd… unless you are a local…. but that’s something you will have to see for yourself.

    This tour can be tailored to most capable riders, compiling whatever ratio of dirt and road that you desire


To be classed as a NEWBIE You Have Either:

  • Never driven a manual
  • Nervous about accelerating and stoping safely
  • Have not ridden anything over 200CC consistently

We Don’t offer tours to this level but do offer training when we are not on tour.
After all everybody has to start somewhere. Call us to discuss your requirements,
it’s a beautiful place to learn

To be classed as a BEGINNER You Are:

  • Comfortable using front and rear brake in slowing.
  • Able to ride above 40 KMH off-road when safe.
  • Stalling from bad clutch use only rarely
  • Relatively inexperienced with ascents or descents
  • Experienced with road riding but not ridden any or very little dirt

To be classed as a NOVICE You Are:

  • Comfortable using both brakes in stopping and able to control skids.
  • Comfortable sliding rear wheel and able to produce and control slides.
  • Not intimidated by different soil conditions (sand, mud, rocks).
  • Not intimidated by gradual uphills and downhills
  • Comfortable riding in rough conditions without bottoming the suspension unexpectedly.
  • Comfortable standing for short periods while riding
  • Comfortable on single-track.

To be classed as a INTERMEDIATE you are comfortable in all conditions described above and:

  • Comfortable on tight twisting single track
    Can do full steering lock turns and figure-eights.
  • Comfortable sliding both front and rear wheels and able to produce and control the slides.
  • Have experience in a variety of riding conditions like deep sand or wet mud
  • Not intimidated by steep uphills and downhills
  • Can stand while riding for sustained periods of time
  • Can predict braking distance and rarely pass braking points.
  • High level of understanding safe speed versus the conditions.
  • Not intimidating by rocky technical sections or largely rutted areas.
  • Can maintain a relatively narrow line
  • Can ride for sustained periods of time.

To be classed as a ADVANCED you are comfortable in all conditions described above and:

  • Able to loft the front wheel and pivot turn the motorcycle.
  • Able to ride up and down ledges that require wheel lofting.
  • Seen as an off-road king (or queen) by his (or her) friends!
  • Comfortable standing all day while riding
  • Love overly technical single-track.

Professional and Well Organised Dirt Biking. We take care of everything from fuel stops to repairs for your bike so you can just enjoy riding through the mountains and jungles of northern Thailand. Routes are mapped out according to rider’s ability and we have full safety gear (including boots) for a range of sizes with top quality bikes. Let’s Ride!

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