What’s Included

Everything you need!

Bike Hire


Breakfast and Thai Lunch


Airport Transfer

All Entrance fees

Safety Gear – Helmet, Jacket gloves, (Boots for offroad)

English speaking tour guide

A whole lot of fun!

Use of Dry Bag if needed

 We don't include Dinner as most people like to go and explore the evening locations and taste varies massively between Thai style or western style.  We will give you some fabulous recommendations though either way.


 Not seen something you want?…. Just ask us and I am sure we can facilitate your needs. 


What bikes do you offer?

On our offroad tours, we offer the CRF250 that are fully customised to the terrain we will be riding. We also have a selection of the KLX250 now available for those that would prefer it. We make our bikes durable so we can carry on in almost any circumstances. They are great fun to ride and with our set up have a good punch to blast your round the dirt.

On the road .. well what would you like?



Versys 650



CBF250 Super Moto


Bikes are subject to availability so book as far in advance as you can.


Can I use a different bike?

Yes of course, we can source other bikes, but the prices are likely to be considerably higher due to additional costs, taxes and legislation requirements.


Can I book If I am alone?

Yes of course, who knows you might make some new friends while you're riding too.  

Alternatively, if you want a one on one tour we can also arrange this for you.


What Currency Can I pay In?

We currently accept payments in THB, GBP, and AUD.


Do I need to use a bank card?

No, We accept payment by Paypal, Bank Transfer, and if you are nearby, you can pay by cash for most tours.


What happens if I Damage the motorcycle?

All Damages or failures should be reported immediately. For our off-road tours, you are covered for cosmetic damages in most circumstances. We are dirt bikers, so we know that everybody has a tumble now and then. We are not going to charge you for minor marks here and there. Ride our bikes like they are your own and you won't have any problems or anything to worry about.


On the road you are liable for the first 50,000 THB of damages (we cover the rest) except in the case of a right off (never happened yet).


We also have personal injury cover for all of our tours.


What Driving licence information do I need?

You should have a valid international driving permit (IDP) or valid license with motorcycle amendments. For out offroad tours this is not always required. Contact us for more information.


What about my luggage?

If you have any excess luggage, you can store it at our office at no extra cost. We also provide you with luggage carriers to bring anything you want along with you. For those tours with a support vehicle, anything you need can be put in the truck.


Can I buy Motorbike Gear in Thailand?

Absolutely! Now you can get most types of motorbike gear in Chiang Mai. Although the brands you are used to will cost more, there is a wide selection of other brands that we have tried and tested, that surprisingly hold up to the mark.


What should I bring?

Boots. This is the limiting factor here, as sizes vary between riders, and if everyone has a similar size, then there won't be enough to go around. In many cases we have them but if you are going to bring anything… Bring your boots. Many people bring their own helmets too, which can be carried as hand luggage on most flights to keep them safe. Jackets, Pants/knee pads, and Helmets we will provide.


What gear do you provide?

We have stock of Helmets, jackets, gloves, knee guards and offroad boots. If you have your own gear, we suggest you bring it if you can. Everybody likes to wear their own clothes rather than someone else’s.


How do I contact you?

If you prefer email, then you can either hit the "contact us" button above or pop us an email at LetsRideTheWorld@gmail.com

 If you prefer to talk, please call us on 0066966967085


Do I need Travel Insurance?

We would suggest getting it but it isn't required as we have local injury cover included in all our prices. You should ensure you have cover for riding motorcycles of 250cc and above to protect you in the unlikely event of a claim being required. We will be there to help if anything happens.


When to ride?

One of the delights about Northern Thailand is that there is never really a time not to ride. But some seasons will suit people differently. Even during the Monsoon season, rain is spectacularly dense but only lasts a very short period. It drys up quickly, so it should not deter you, as it is usually just an excuse for a well-deserved break.

      January weather is almost perfect, but it is considered high tourist season. 

      February, almost like January weather wise, but with fewer tourists. Yearly burn off (crops and forests) can affect the pollution levels in Chiang Mai, usually late Feb. 

      March, you start to feel the heat, but it is nothing unbearable. If you like mangoes, it's the right time to come and enjoy the fruit traditionally served with sticky rice and coconut milk. 

      April, temperatures are at their peak, but it is also the time for the craziest celebration in the country: Songkran, the water festival also called Thai New Year. Thais come from all the provinces for the occasion.  Festivities last about 5 days, and you don't feel the heat because you're drenched from dawn to dusk with buckets of water thrown by everyone. Could be called the alcohol festival, too, as there is a massive consumption of various liquors. 

       May, the accumulated heat leads to regular evening thunderstorms, much welcome. This could be called the month of Buddha, because he was born, enlightened and died in the month of May. There is a lot of genuine celebrations in many temples. Don't be shy; you can join even if you don't know the local customs. 

      June, usually very similar to May, unless the rainy season comes early. If you're a fruit lover, this is your month. 

      July, due to dry soils, the first heavy rains of the 'green' season can lead to spectacular floods. In Chiang Mai, the night bazaar area can easily suffer, though it never lasts very long. You should still get a majority of dry days (not always sunny). If you're a photographer, skies can be very dramatic, especially when the sun goes down.

      August. Dry days and rainy days are even; it is really up to your luck in which you end up. Rivers fill up; it's time to enjoy the waterfalls. 

      September, statistically the month with the most rain, not necessarily real. Rain only happens in short bursts and dries up quickly, so not much impact on riding.

      October - December the period when the rainy season ends, you just wake up one day, the sky is bright blue and will remain like this for months. A time to ride when you never have to worry about the weather. The temperatures in the low 30°C and bright clear skies. A real time to ride. It is also the time for the beautiful Loy Krathong Festival.


 Where will we stay?

We will always stay in a good quality comfortable accommodation. If you would like to upgrade to full 5 star luxury accommodation during your tour, just ask, and we will organise the perfect tour for you to enjoy. 


How big are your groups?

We are all about the personal service, so we aim for around 6 riders or less. If you are part of a larger group, that is not a problem. Just contact us to arrange and will organise everything for you and deduct 15% from the organiser's price, after all, he did all the work for everybody else.